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As a Divorce specialist, I provide dedicated support to clients navigating the challenging process of separation or divorce, particularly concerning their future financial matters. I understand that home financing has distinct requirements and considerations compared to other forms of financing. With my expertise, I aim to assist clients in securing appropriate home financing solutions tailored to their specific circumstances during this significant life transition.

Home Financing:

  • Requires specialized skills & strategies
  • Requires different marketing plans
  • Requires different staging techniques
  • Can have many unexpected obstacles that general Realtors don’t anticipate and aren’t trained to handle
  • Comes with many possible conflicts and battles (known equity, combined debts and such)
  • Can delay your divorce if mistakes are made.

After 20 years of mortgage financing experience, I’ve mastered the unique skills & processes needed to deal with the many obstacles that typically arise when financing a home after a divorce or separation.

I also understand the emotions you are experiencing and I empathize. It’s hard and can get messy, but I am able to act as an unbiased professional to assist you with the process.

My primary responsibility is to guide you through the essential elements that should be included in your divorce or separation agreement. I will help you understand the necessary documents and income requirements for your purchase. By providing you with this knowledge, you will be well-prepared when you embark on the journey of finding a new home with one of my trusted realtor professionals, allowing you to begin your new chapter confidently.

Additionally, if you are considering purchasing the matrimonial home from your ex-spouse, rest assured that I have specialized programs available to facilitate this process. My aim is to make this transition as smooth as possible, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve your housing goals in the midst of a challenging life event.

Top 4 issues faced by Alberta families when going through a divorce:

  1. I often see clients ruin their credit in the process of closing creditor accounts and being late on joint mortgage payments waiting for the dissolution. We work with them to ensure they will meet mortgage standards for qualifying: rule of 2 trade lines, 2 year history, $2500 minimum limits and NO late mortgage payments.
  2. The spouse with the big spousal/child support payment now can’t get a mortgage as the payments are considered large liabilities.
  3. One party won’t have enough money for a down payment to buy another place after paying out all of the debts.
  4. Don’t have enough money to pay the legal fees, so you get stuck in the cycle of not getting proper legal advice.

There is no other scenario where hiring the right professional is more important!

My custom-developed system for financing a new purchase in a divorce or separation

I’ve created my own unique mortgage system for purchasing a home after divorce. This system deals successfully with the many added complications which don’t exist in a typical transaction.

In addition to the typical knowledge and skills a professional must have to finance a home, in order to meet the unique needs of a divorce sale, my system addresses:

  • Debt servicing calculations
  • Lender requirements for income
  • Payment either to or for children
  • Payments either to or for Spousal Support
  • Equity buyouts from one spouse to another
  • Assist in construction the debts to be included in a buyout.

Did You Know?

Any lender (broker) will “say” they can help you with your financing. But if they don’t actually specialize in financing a home after a divorce then you could suffer.


With divorce rates well over 40% in Canada, it is only a matter of time before they will need your help with a solution. I work with a few lenders that are able to make mortgage financing easier for these clients. Here are a few ways in which we can help:

  1. Flex Down Mortgage Program – There is a program offered by lenders that allow the client to borrow the down payment.
  2. Deduct Support or Alimony from Gross income – lenders allow deducting the alimony or support payments from gross income, rather than showing the payment under liabilities. This will reduce the TDS average by 10% or…an average of buying a $250k condo vs. A $400k home to raise the children.
  3. Spousal buyout program – This is a program offered by many lenders to allow one source to buy out the other spouse and take over the mortgage and property up to 95% of the LTV while still processing it as a refinance.
  4. Cash Back mortgage Option – This is a product available through the lenders to offer them a mortgage with a Cash Back option to assist with legal fees and debt payments.

Much of my success with clients getting a divorce is a result of my client-focused approach. I provide a consultative approach rather than a hard-sell approach. I walk my clients through the process, establish a feeling of security & trust, and reduce your stress.

  • I support, educate and nurture you through this time of upheaval and change
  • I help you reduce conflict, overwhelm and unnecessary disagreements
  • I help you maximize your bottom line financially
  • I’m unbiased and NEVER choose sides
  • I help you interact with lawyers and other professionals you’re working with in your divorce.
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